Friday, August 20, 2010

Two new CME PDF's for medical writing

I wrote to you a couple of days ago telling you about a new opportunity
to learn more about CME medical writing, and how to become a CME Medical
Writer if that's your interest.

My friend Johanna Lackner Marx has JUST posted her second PDF, so
now you can log in and learn how to research and write Needs Assessments
based on gaps in physician learning, but how to effective Educational
Objectives that meet CME requirements.

Did you know that medical errors are one of the top leading causes of
patient deaths, around the world? There is a new worldwide movement
taking place to identify gaps in clinician knowledge, train about those gaps,
and then follow up to see if patient care has improved. It's a whole new
exciting way of healing the world through physician learning and improvement
in care.

Check out Johanna's material here.

The materials are available for FREE until September 2.
If you like them enough, you can register and train with Johanna through her
online course, "CME Training for Medical Writers."

Johanna is a Nationally Certified CME Professional, and a true expert in both
CME and Training. She's got a wonderful module in her course on how
physicians learn. You'll see! Click here.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2011 - A New Career Direction for YOU?

My friend Johanna Lackner Marx, MPH MSW CCMEP owns InQuill Medical Communications,
LLC, and they have a stellar training program I thought you should know about.

Have you ever thought of earning income in a new way, adding some new tools to your kit?

InQuill focuses on CME medical writing - that's researching and writing medical content that goes into continuing educational programs for physicians - otherwise known as CME Continuing Medical Education.

I think with your background that you might be a good candidate to learn CME Medical Writing, if you are interested in the possibility of a new source of income. The whole world of CME has changed radically in the last few years. There is a new set of requirements for CME, and physicians now have to take a lot more CME course hours to maintain their licensure. That means there is a shortage of
CME Medical Writers who know the new rules and can supply the growing demand
for CME Content.

InQuill is right at this sweet spot of opportunity. They specialize in CME Medical Writing, and Johanna is a nationally certified CME Professional - she's an expert at the top of her field. She knows CME, she knows how to train, she knows how to get CME work.

For the next two weeks until September 2, Johanna is pre-recruiting potential
students for her in-depth, on-line course, "CME Training for Medical Writers."
Courses start each month in September, October, and November.

To let you know more about InQuill and what they have to offer, Johanna
is offering a private FREE peek into portions of her CME course content.

If you visit the website link below, and submit your information, Johanna
will open up the world of CME for you with informative emails, PDF downloads,
and pieces of video training, all of which will have you learn about CME, and
evaluate if this is a potential path for you.

Click here to find out more.

If you want to enroll for the course, great. I make a small commission for bringing you this information. Then you get to become a CME expert and start your new career in CME Medical Writing.

If you choose to pass, please accept the FREE content from both Johanna and me. It cost you nothing except a bit of your time.