Monday, February 26, 2007

Physicians Changing Careers

Researching my new ebook, I've found that many of the people I interviewed planned (or had) a career in medicine or science but then realized that was not their true desire. But they loved to write and went into medical writing.

I've also found that many physicians are frustrated with their careers. Many physicians complain that the doctor-patient relationship has turned into a provider-customer relationship. Patients are more demanding than before and the practice of medicine is more cumbersome because of:
  • Long hours
  • Increasing paperwork
  • Decreasing compensation
  • Malpractice accusations and lawsuits
  • Stringent government regulations

In fact, there are several organizations and networks advising frustrated physicians on how to restore their love for medicine or change careers. However, one of these organizations reported that only 20 percent of its customers retool their practices; 80 percent leave medicine.

I believe a physician looking for a career change (and who has a way with words) should consider becoming a medical writer. Here's why:

  • You can use your skills and knowledge in medicine in a new and exciting way
  • You would still be involved in medicine while having more time for your family
  • You will find plenty of opportunities available in the market
  • You have the potential to earn as much or more money than when you were a physician
  • You won't have to work night shifts
  • You could become a published author
  • Medical writing rocks!

See what some medical writers have said when I asked them why they loved their careers:

"I love the variety of it. Working with different researchers in different kinds of papers." SP

"Medical writing is the best job I've ever had, as it draws on so many different parts of me." BH

"I love being a good medical writer. I have learned so much about so many different topics in science and medicine--really fascinating!" SB

Helping physicians looking for a career change is one of the purposes of my upcoming ebook. Sign up here for updates on the ebook.


Renee said...

Now 16 years unto radiology, I already feel I've had enough.The stress of everyday work in the hospital honestly gets to me at times.. this post spells out my innermost thoughts! I do need something 'on the side' to keep me going and I hope medical writing will fill that void.

Anonymous said...

Either movie star of airline pilot. Heck I'm only 48 roflmao

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