Thursday, March 8, 2007

Medical Writing Jobs

What are the "hot jobs" in medical writing?

From my recent tour around medical writing job listings I would say that the hottest jobs are regulatory writing, and medical education.

Both Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and pharma/biotech companies are hiring writers to work on regulatory documents to submit to the FDA ((INDs, NDAs, CTDs, MAAs).

On the other hand, medical communications agencies are actively looking for medical writers to develop Comtinuing Medical Education (CME) materials.

It is interesting to note two things about these types of jobs:
  1. They are the best-paid medical writing positions.
  2. They usually require an advanced degree and/or previous experience in medicine and writing.

I suspect, however, that although not prominently posted in job listings, medical writers are also needed for patient education in nonprofits, hospitals and universities.

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