Monday, April 13, 2009

Regulatory Writing Training for Non-Native English Speakers

This may interest some of you who have come to the US from abroad and want to pursue medical writing, especially if you are already in biomedical research. 


Alejandra Folgarait said...

Gracias, Diego, no sabía que existían este tipo de cursos. Soy Science Editor y Medical Writer en Argentina y estoy buscando trabajo en USA o UK.
Aunque manejo bien el inglés, me cuesta mucho conseguir una entrevista de trabajo cuando digo que soy non-native.
Ciertamente, el costo del curso que das a conocer es muy alto para mí. Pero me parece muy útil tu blog para los colegas, gracias otra vez.
Alejandra Folgarait
Buenos Aires

Kimberly said...

I studied Spanish my whole life but when I got to Argentina, I couldn´t understand a word. I realized it was because I hadn´t spent time with natives of that language. After a year in different Buenos Aires apartments I became fluent and my pronunciation improved a lot. Therefore, I believe that to learn a language you need to travel to a cuntry where it is spoken!

Hernan Gleizer said...

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Unknown said...

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