Thursday, May 13, 2010

Becoming a Medical Writer Indian Edition

Because we know of the explosion of the medical writing industry in India and the interest of many people to break into this wonderful career, we have decided to reduce the price of Becoming a Medical Writer Indian Edition from US$25 to US$12 (that's about INR 500).

Click here for more information and to buy the ebook.


gokulraj said...

Hi Diego,

I bought this e-book few days back. You have mentioned the book has a "List of companies in India which hire medical writers" on your website, but i wasn't able find any such list in the book.


K. Gokulraj

Dr Natasha Das said...

Dear Mr Gokulraj

Please refer to chapter no. 6 (An Overview of the Industry). Under each of the subheadings there, we have listed out a few examples of companies in India that hire medical writers.


parwatisingari said...

i have no pay pal account how do i pay

venki said...

Hi Natasha,

In medical writing which is the best institute in Bangalore

Thanks & Regards