Saturday, May 5, 2012

Five steps to getting published with your medical writing.

Here are five first steps to getting published with your medical writing.

Your first best step is to do homework and research on what magazines, periodicals, societies already publish in your area of interest or specialty.    

Second, identify those who are most likely to take content from you based on what they already publish. Go WITH the flow of these publications.

Third, read the last 4-5 issues and see what the magazines are focusing on.  

Fourth, get the contact information and editorial guidelines for the relevant publications. Make a list for yourself, so that you can get in touch with them.    

Fifth, after doing your research, make contact with the publication to discuss what you have to offer in the way of writing based on what THEY want or what direction THEY are going in. Forget what you are researching. You have to go in THEIR direction.

With careful research, you will hopefully choose publications that are a good match for you and are interested in what YOU are already researching and writing. If there is no match, you have to find another publication, or you have to change what you are doing to make a good match.

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