Monday, February 4, 2008

Getting Involved in a Medical Writing Conference

I always advice new medical writers to attend professional conferences, such as the AMWA annual meeting. They offer great networking, educational, and job-finding opportunities. But even better than attending, is participating as a presenter.

Can you be a presenter even if you've never attended the conference before? Sure you can. I did a poster presentation on my first AMWA conference. The following year I led a roundtable. And the following, two roundtables and two open sessions. You start small, and then get more involved. You'll learn as much (I would say more) from teaching others as from just listening to a lecture.

Why don't you plan on leading a roundtable discussion this year (you'll get a free breakfast)? Or maybe develop a poster presentation? Check out the opportunities available for this fall's AMWA conference in Louisville, KY.

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