Friday, June 19, 2009

Medical Writing Jobs in London


GirishLaikhra said...

There are still some good opportunities to work in an administration job in London. The secret is to know where to look for one and what to do to get one!

First of all you should register with a number of recruitment agencies, so that you get the first bite of the cherry when it comes to jobs being advertised.

Next make sure that you are in work, since it is far easier to get a job when you are working than when you are unemployed. So take anything, no matter how menial it is, take it and this will help you to show that you are hard working and serious about work!

Thirdly, you should always ensure that your CV is right up to date and that it projects you in a really positive way. Have someone read it for you if you are not sure if it is up to the mark or not!

Fourthly when you are invited to interview, always turn up on time, make sure that you look presentable and that you have researched the company you will be working for. Have some questions ready to ask them, so that you can show you have done your homework.

Now here comes the fifth and final way to make sure that you land a good job in administration in London. When you arrive at interview make sure that you smile, that you come across as willing to learn, to be a good team player and interested in the job that is on offer. If the interviewer thinks that you aren’t interested you won’t stand a chance of securing the role, so always seem as if you are really interested in the job and that it is exactly what you are looking for: even if it is not!
administration jobs in london--administration jobs in london

Anonymous said...

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vishnuprasath said...

Dear job seekers, most of the companies are hiring talented candidates in Kolkata and also there are lots of Jobs in Kolkata, So apply for those jobs immediately.