Saturday, June 6, 2009

Webinar for Freelance Writers

This is from an advertisement from Writer's Digest, on a topic that may interest some of you.

Money's a tough topic at the best of times – and in a down economy, it's infinitely harder to get your clients to talk frankly about budgets and fees.

But you can learn from freelancers who've been there and found useful ways to get the financial information they need. Join Marketing Mentor Ilise Benun for a discussion with 2 creative solopreneurs about the nitty gritty of talking to clients about money.

How to Talk to Clients About Money (especially in a tricky economy) is presented by Ilise Benun on June 17th at 7:00 pm ET.

Jeff Barlow of Seattle-based Jelvetica, and Julia Reich of New York-based Julia Reich Designs will show you how they handled potentially difficult conversations with both prospects and clients. You'll learn how they:
  • Found out whether a prospect could afford them, before agreeing to do a proposal
  • Got numbers from a prospect who insisted they didn't have a budget
  • Responded to the dreaded "Your fee is too high"
  • Listen in to find out how they did it and what, exactly, they said. They'll share their perspective on the process, from initial request to proposal to start of project (some they got, some they didn't) with both past clients and new clients.

In addition to the one-hour webinar, you'll also receive a download of the complete presentation.

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