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10 Secrets to Becoming a Speaking Superstar

By Darryl Mobley (Guest blogger)

Several years ago I had the opportunity to meet and work with an emerging speaker during an event in Las Vegas. That dynamic speaker was Kevin Bracy. In the years since, Kevin has taken his speaking career to incredible heights. Given his success and my insatiable desire to get the "secrets" to succeeding in so many areas, I asked him for his top 10 secrets to becoming a speaking superstar.

Before I reveal the 10 Secrets, let me tell you that up-shifting your ability to share ideas verbally will help you grow your business --- no matter what business you are in. With that said, here are the 10 Secrets, gifted to us by Kevin Bracy:

10 Secrets To Becoming A Speaking Superstar

Be warned that once you take ownership of these tips your phone could start ringing with people requesting your speaking services.

10) Speak As Often As You Can

I suggest speaking as often as you can whenever and wherever the opportunity arises, the more you speak, the more comfortable and confident you become. There will still be fear. The butterflies never go away. However, I have learned, as will you - to have those butterflies flying in formation. The more you do it the better you become.

9) Record Everything

Every time you step in front of an audience make sure you record it. Why? Because: While speaking you think you know what you're saying. However, when you listen back and study it, that is when you get to hear the power your speech had or did not have on your audience. For product purposes, there are times when you deliver a powerful message and the listeners want to re-listen to it or hear it for the first time. If it's not recorded then that "moment of power" within that particular speech cannot be re-birthed.

8) Live Life With Your Antennas Up

Pay attention to those "slices of life" that you can craft into stories that can be of value to an audience. Be a true student of life! I get the best stories from having my antennas up in the airport. One of my new coaching clients recently asked me where I get the material I use in my talks. My answer: living life with my antennas up!

7) Record Everything

Hey! Wasn't this number 9 too? Yes it was; however, in this instance when I say "record" I mean "writing." Most of life's lessons you learn on a daily basis. You will forget them unless you record them. Just having an archive of stories and lessons gives you speaking power that will surpass your fear.

Comment: I record my insights in my specially designed "Create A Life Worth Living" Journal.

6) Read

Decide to develop a love affair with uplifting and empowering books and magazines (such as "How To Create A Life Worth Living"). Reading helps you raise the opinion you have of yourself. When you feel better about yourself it shows in your physiology when you speak and in how you deliver your words. This all adds to your speaking power.

5) Listen

Listen to audio of motivational speakers and preachers as much as you can. Simply listening to audios helps you override the negative conversations you have with yourself. This will add to your self-image, which will allow you to speak with more power and passion. Les Brown says he was "self-taught" as a professional speaker. Well, I was "tape taught" through his tapes while I drove about my city.

4) Watch

Order DVDs of speakers, and watch them over and over again. You will not be able to help but adopt some of the mannerisms and gestures that the successful speakers use to tap into their speaking power. It's important to spend time inside of the energy orbit of speakers. Watch the tactics they use to impact audiences in a live setting.

3) Join Toastmasters

Toastmasters is a organization that stretches across the globe allowing professionals to get together to develop their communication skills. This is where I began speaking to tap into my speaking power and is a great place to start for anyone who is ready to learn how to speak with power and passion.

2) Invest In Yourself

Invest in the tools, programs, and literature that will help you develop yourself as a speaker. You are well worth the investment.

1) Connect With A Coach

A coach can show you things on the horizon that you didn't even know existed. It's tough to see the whole picture, when you are in the frame. Your coach can watch you from a distance and immediately tell whether you're speaking from that place of power within you, or not. My coaches have truly been my "meal tickets" for this business.

Remember --- You DO Deserve To Live A Great Life.

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