Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Medical Writing Job Openings

A recruiter contacted me about her need of medical writers for clients in NJ, Manhattan and Ohio. You must have an Advanced Science degree (MD, Ph.D or Pharm.D preferred) and some experience writing for professional audiences. Some of the programs/projects would be CME accredited. These are full-time, permanent positions that require one to be on-site.

If interested contact, or call 610-438-1440.


Ashok Kumar said...

Unemployment is the worst case, but these can be minimized through education to everyone. In India, Government has made compulsory education to the all the children's and i hope in future there are more job openings and everyone gets benefited.

Karthik said...

Nowadays there are more job openings available for freshers and experienced persons in various categories. Just apply to the jobs or register in the job providing websites, so that right jobs will be intimated based on the resume. Its a simple and a best way to get into the good job.