Thursday, January 8, 2009

CME Course Update

Earlier this week I was reviewing the first module of Johanna Lackner-Marx's course, Become a Continuing Medical Education (CME) Specialist. I can tell you that it has great insider information and practical advice. She has been working hard on offering a great course and has added some more lessons since our first announcement in last month's teleseminar. Here's an update.

The course contains now eight modules. The first five modules are available to all three levels (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) of the course. The sixth, seventh and eighth modules are for students in the Advanced Level only. No prior CME experience or knowledge is required.

Module I - The Evolving Environment of CME
Introduction to CME
History of the Accrediting Council for Continuing Medical Education
Definition of CME - what qualifies and what doesn’t
Stakeholders and their roles
History of CME regulation
Current state of CME regulation

Module II - Adult Learning Theory
Learning styles
How physicians learn
Adult learning theories and CME Learning styles
Variables affecting adult learning
12 Principles for Effective CME Learning

Module III - Planning CME
Introduction to CME planning
Gap Analysis
How to write Needs Assessments
How to write Learning Objectives
How to write effective Evaluations
Measurable outcomes in CME

Module IV - CME Content
Introduction to CME content
Regulations regarding commercial support of CME programs
Regulations common to all content formats
Regulations for print content and online content
Ensuring content validity
Creating PowerPoint presentations
Collaborating with faculty

Module V - Promotional Materials
Common promotional formats
Required language for promotional pieces
Copyright law as it applies to CME documents and content

Module VI - Compelling CME (Advanced Level Only)
Elements of effective CME
Principles of information retention
From learning to behavior change
Creating integrated CME
Techniques for creating compelling CME

Module VII - Building Your CME Business (Advanced Level only)
Developing a business model
Sources for finding clients
Protecting yourself from liability
Associations and networking
Staying organized

Module VIII - CME Internship (Advanced Level Only)

If you want more information about the course, click here.


Anonymous said...

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