Sunday, January 11, 2009

News Release: Continuing Medical Education (CME) Expert Launches Training Program for Medical Writers has partnered with CME consultant, Johanna Lackner-Marx, MPH, MSW, to offer a training program that provides the knowledge, skills, and experience writers need to enter the continuing medical education (CME) industry.

“Writing for the highly regulated CME industry can be very lucrative,” Lackner-Marx says. “But few medical writers have knowledge of the specific requirements and guidelines set by the American Council on Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the American Medical Association (AMA), putting writers with competency in CME in demand.”

The program, Become a CME Specialist: Training for Medical Writers, is offered at three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. The basic and intermediate courses are designed to teach the fundamentals of CME with varying degrees of depth, allowing medical writers to determine if CME is right for them and adding to their professional tool box. The advanced course goes beyond this, providing one-to-one coaching and resources that will be helpful to those who want to start their own CME freelance business.

Ms. Lackner-Marx has also developed a pilot program that places participants of the advanced course with medical writing companies in an internship situation.

Karen Overstreet, EdD, RPh, FACME, CCMEP, president-elect of the National Commission for Certification of CME Professionals (NC-CME), says the internship program is an excellent idea. “It’s a win-win. I anticipate education companies will line up for this opportunity. They get extra help, and writers get real experience they can put on their resume and a chance to make connections in the industry.”

Become a CME Specialist is an online, interactive course that does not require prior CME experience. Course content details and enrollment information are available at

As a CME consultant, Ms. Lackner-Marx has collaborated with thought leaders and medical experts to create over forty live and enduring CME programs. She also trains staffs of medical associations, hospitals, and specialty organizations to develop and implement CME that is compliant with ACCME standards and guidelines. She is the founder of InQuill Medical Communications, a medical writing and CME consultancy company. If you are a CME provider and would like to learn how to have an advanced student placed with your company through the internship program, please contact Ms. Lackner-Marx. is the leading online educational resource for medical and health writers.


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