Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Medical Writing Freelance Jobs

I've known of Web sites where freelance jobs are posted for bidding for a long time. I've even recommended looking into sites like and in my ebook.

Today I stumbled into another site that provides the same service, and that I hadn't seen before, Unlike the others, where you have to dig deep to find medical writing projects, this one seems easier to use, and more visually appealing.

Check out the page for freelance medical writers. Who knows? You may find your next project there!


Padmanaban said...

If you are in need of high paying jobs just search jobs in India, since in India more companies are emerging with more job openings

Medical Writer said...

I am a full time freelance medical writer with 5+ years experience in the same. If any body have freelance and telecommute medical writing vacancies please let me know to my mail id:

scottbfreemanmd said...

I'm a us grad with four yrs. residency and one year MSL experience. Clinical focus in Anesthesia, Critical Care, Pain, Internal Medicine. Currently, I am completing my second residency. I have approximately one year experience in big pharma as an MSL. I am looking for writing opportunities. How can I help your project?