Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Medical Writing Self-Study Workshops

From time to time I post announcements about medical writing workshops around the US. But I realize, most of you cannot attend for various reasons (timing, cost, location, the dog is ill, etc.). So let me suggest that you try the AMWA Self-Study Workshops:
According to AMWA, "each self-study module includes a workbook with examples and exercises, as well as a CD-ROM featuring an interactive PDF of the workbook. Self-study workshops can be used to acquire credit in AMWA's core certificate program (2 credits for , 1 for Punctuation, and 1 for Sentence Structure)."

Note that I haven't taken them, but I have heard good things from people who have. If you are one of them, let me know about your experience and leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

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